Mapa mental sobre planeacion estrategica
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  1. is a unifying theme that gives coherence and direction to the actions and decisions of an individual organization
    1. Strategic decisions:
      1. They are important ,Involve a significant commitment of resources, are not easily reversible.
    2. Contingency theory:
      1. There is no single best way of organizing or managing, the best way depends upon circumstances.
        1. Strategic fit:
          1. link between the firm and its external environment. Refers to the consistency of a firm´s strategy with a firms external environment and its internal environment.
            1. • analysis of the external environment of the firm:
              1. Competitors, Customers, Suppliers
              2. • analysis of the internal environment (the firm):
                1. Goals and values, resources and capabilities, structure and systems.
              3. Activity system
                1. Create a consistent strategic position and direction
          2. Military strategies
            1. Common concepts:
              1. Principles of business strategies and military strategies:
                1. • Relative strengths of offensive and deffensive strategies
                  1. • Merits of outflanking over frontal assault
                    1. • Benefits of surprise
                      1. • Potencial for deception envelopment escalation and attriotion.
                2. Objective:
                3. Objet of war is to defeat the enemy.
                4. Business strategies
                  1. To give direction and purpose, to deploy resources in the most effective manner and to coordinate the decisions made by different individuals.
                    1. limit their competitive ambitions, seeking coexistence rather tan the destruction of competitors.
                    2. How to maneuver into a position of advantage
                      1. • Ability to respond to events with flexibility and clarity of direction
                        1. • Formulated and effectively implemented strategy:
                          1. Lady Gaga / Queen Elizabeth
                            1. 1. Clear consistent long-term goals
                              1. 2. Profound understanding of the competitive environmental:
                                1. Objective appraisal of resources:
                                  1. have been aware of the limits of those resources and drawn upon the resources of others.
                                  2. define their roles and insightful appreciation of the external environments in which they opérate.
                            2. Focusing on a single goal may lead to outstanding success but may be matched by dismal failure in other áreas of life.
                            3. Corporate planning
                              1. set goals and objectives, forecasted key economics trends, established priorities for different products and business áreas of the firm, and allocated capitak expenditures
                              2. Strategic management
                                1. market selection and positioning the Company relative to its competitors in order to maximize the potetial for profit.
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