Mapa conceptual de Rowley, Jennifer (2006) Information Marketing. capítulo 2 "The information marketplace".
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  1. Marketplace issues play a significant role in determining access to information
    1. Information as a product
      1. A range of unique features that affect the relationship between customers and information providers and the nature of marketplace
        1. The distinguishing characteristics
          1. Distinct of any other product
            1. Information is not only a product, but something that can be used to promote products and to influence individuals
              1. Information products take a variety of different forms
          2. Customers
            1. This is other part in the marketing exchange, every person is a potential customer for some time of information, product or service
              1. Some terms for the customers
                1. Customers categories
            2. Information industry
              1. Some of the key stakeholders in the traditional publishing process and describes their roles in terms that are applicable in both a print-based and an electronic environment
                1. COMPETITORS, PARTNERS AND CONSORTIA Thought the process of differentiation each organization seeks to fill a unique niche or role in the marketplace
                  1. There are a number of issues that characterize the information marketplace
                    1. Security data protection and privacy. Standards. Archiving and bibliographic control
                      1. The network enterprise Knowledge-based economies. Intelectual property and copyrights issues
                        1. Dynamic technology Consumer engagement Globalization
                  2. Marketing environment
                    1. Actors close to the organization that affect the ability to serve the customers
                      1. Wider societal forces that affect the microenvironment.
                        1. The factors in the microenvironment are often experienced by all organization in a specific sector, but the impacts may be different
                          1. Legal factors
                            1. Technological factors
                              1. Environment factors
                                1. Social factors
                                  1. Economic forces
                                    1. Political factors
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