Lección 11ª: Verbos seguidos de infinitivo / gerundio


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Lección 11ª: Verbos seguidos de infinitivo / gerundio
  1. Cuando un verbo va acompañado por otro, este segundo puede ir en:
    1. Infinitivo (Ejemplo: Last summer we decided to go to the beach)
      1. Los siguientes verbos, si van acompañados por otro, este segundo va en infinitivo: Agree / Appear / Arrange / Ask / Choose / Claim / Decide / Decline / Demand / Fail / Forget / Happen / Hesitate / Hope / Learn / Manage / Offer / Plan / Prepare / Pretend / Promise / Refuse / Remember / Seem / Swear / Threaten Ejemplos: He agreed to help me with my homework She promised to phone her mother My brother decided to sell his car
        1. Algunos de los verbos anteriores si va precedido del auxiliar "would" pide entonces un infinitivo: Would like to… Would love to… Would hate to… Would prefer to … I would like to visit Paris I would love to go out for dinner tonight! I would hate to spend the summer in Seville I would prefer to go to the cinema than go to the gym
        2. Infinitivo ----------------- Infinitivo (sin "to")
          1. Infinitivo (sin "to") -- Ejemplo: We can speak English fluently
            1. Gerundio (Ejemplo: I hate driving at night)
              1. Verbos: Admit / Appreciate / Avoid / Consider / Delay / Deny / Detest / Excuse / Finish / Forgive / Imagine / Keep (=continue) / Miss / Postpone / Practise / Prevent / Propose(=suggest) / Regret / Resist / Risk / Stop / Suggest / Understand ----Ejemplos: When I lost my job I postponed buying a new house After the heart attack my father stopped smoking My boss told me that he is considering promoting me for the new post If you drive when you are drunk you risk losing your driving licence The detainee admitted doing business with the mafia
                1. los verbos: Like / Dislike / Hate / Love / Enjoy / Mind Ejemplos: I like travelling with my girlfriend I hate tidying my bedroom I enjoy dancing I don´t mind going to English classes
                2. Infinitivo --------------- Gerundio
                  1. El verbo "like"
                    1. to like + infinitivo: querer hacer algo porque considero que es positivo ( I like to do my homework on Saturday mornings)
                      1. to like + gerundio: disfrutar ( I like playing tennis)
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