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English Portfolio
  1. Verbs
    1. List of Complex Verbs
      1. Creep/Crept/Crept/Creptar
        1. Deal/Delt/Delt/Negociar
          1. Flee/Fled/Fled/Huir
            1. Forecast/Forecast/Forecast/Predecir
              1. Kneel/Knelt/Knelt/Arrodillarse
                1. Lay/Laid/Laid/Dejar o Poner
                2. Verb Tenses
                  1. Present Simple
                    1. He speaks
                    2. Present Continuous
                      1. He is speaking
                      2. Past Simple
                        1. He speaked
                        2. Past Continuous
                          1. He was speaking
                          2. Present Perfect Simple
                            1. He has spoken
                            2. Present Perfect Continuous
                              1. He has been skpeaking
                              2. Past Perfect Simple
                                1. He had spoken
                                2. Past Perfect Continuous
                                  1. He had been speaking
                              3. Vocabulary
                                1. Conjunctions
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