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    1. Strenghts
      1. Competitive advantage
        1. Profitability
          1. Value preposition
            1. Value chain
              1. Absorptive capacity
                1. The ability of an enterprise to identify, value, assimilate, and use new knowledge.
                2. Activities that transforms inputs into outputs to create value
              2. 1. VALUE 2. COST 3. PRICE
              3. Low Cost
                1. Differentiation
              4. Weaknesses
                1. Opportunity areas
                  1. Failures
                    1. Things that are poorly done
                      1. Areas to be improved
                  1. Avoiding failure and sustaining competitive advantage
                    1. Strategy
                      1. Resources
                        1. Tangible
                          1. Untangible
                          2. Capabilities
                            1. Skilss
                              1. Structure
                                1. Processes
                                  1. Controls
                                  2. Competences
                                    1. Distintive competences
                                      1. Firm-specific strengths that allow a company to differentiate.
                                  3. ANALYZE THE COMPANY ITSELF
                                  4. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS
                                    1. Opportunities
                                      1. Allow you to create strategies to earn more profits
                                      2. Threats
                                        1. They jeopardize the profitability of the company's business.
                                          1. Competition within the industry in which a company is based.
                                            1. COMPETITIVE FORCES MODEL
                                              1. Rivalry among established competitors
                                                1. Risk of entry
                                                  1. Barriers of entry
                                                    1. Brand loyalty
                                                      1. Cost advantages
                                                        1. Economies of scale
                                                          1. Government regulations
                                                            1. Customer switching costs
                                                          2. Barganing power of suppliers
                                                            1. Few substitutes of supplies
                                                              1. The industry is not as important for them
                                                                1. Significant switching costs
                                                                2. Threat of substitutes
                                                                  1. Products that satisfy similar customer needs
                                                                    1. Ex. : Soda = Water, Juice, Tea, etc.
                                                                  2. Barganing power of buyers
                                                                    1. More choices
                                                                      1. Large purchase quantities
                                                                        1. Dependence to few buyers
                                                                        2. Power of complement products
                                                                          1. Products that add value to products from another industry
                                                                            1. Ex. : PC's = Software
                                                                    2. ANALYZE THE COMPANY'S INDUSTRY
                                                                      1. Strategic Groups
                                                                      2. Used to analyze the internal and external environment of an organization
                                                                        1. Chapter 2 and 3
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