Chapter 1: Supply Chain Management: an Overview.


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Chapter 1: Supply Chain Management: an Overview.
  1. Companies must keep up with the rate of change in the market.
    1. Globalization: Outsourcing
      1. Technology
        1. Organizational Consolidation. Manufacturers are a specific force in SCM.
          1. Consumers: Understanding what they want.
            1. Government policy
            2. What is SCM?
              1. Key issues in SCM:
              2. The Supply Chain Concept
                1. 1960s with Physical distribution. Developed as a tool for competitive strategy.
                  1. Integrated supply chain
                  2. Major issues
                    1. Networks
                      1. Inventory
                        1. Complexity
                          1. Information, extra storage.
                            1. Cost/Value Prevention of suboptimization.
                              1. Performance measurement. Efficiency/Progress
                                1. Organizational Relationships.
                                  1. Technology
                                    1. Transportation Management. Right product, time, quality, quantity, cost and destination.
                                    2. Bibliografy: Langley, C. (2011). Supply Chain Management. A Logistics Perspective,.9th edition. Editorial Cengage
                                      1. SC Security
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