Medical Ethics

Sharon Turner
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GCSE Ethics Mind Map on Medical Ethics, created by Sharon Turner on 05/20/2013.

Sharon Turner
Created by Sharon Turner over 6 years ago
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Medical Ethics
1 Fertility treatments
1.1 Artificial insemination by donor
1.1.1 For 'Go forth and multiply'
1.1.2 Against Seen as adultery 'Do not spill the seed' Unnatural, Tower of Babel
1.2 Artificial insemination by husband
1.2.1 For 'Go forth and multiply' Quality of life
1.2.2 Against 'Do not spill the seed' God has a plan for everyone
1.3 In vitro fertilisation
1.3.1 For Gives people the chance to fulfil parenthood - quality of life
1.3.2 Against Unnatural - tower of babel Embryos killed
1.4 Surrogacy
1.4.1 For Life is sacred 'Go forth and multiply'
1.4.2 Against Unnatural Plays God and his plan for life
2 Cloning
2.1 Unnatural
2.2 Saviour siblings can save lives - stewardship, love thy neighbour
3 Genetic engineering
3.1 Temple of the holy spirit
3.1.1 Harming or changing bodies harms God
3.2 Can fix illnesses
3.2.1 Life is sacred
3.2.2 Stewardship
4 Embryology
4.1 The study of embryos
4.2 Some are killed
4.2.1 'Though shalt not kill'
4.3 God has given us the knowledge & technology to study embryos

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