Reasons for Outbreak of WWII

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Reasons for Outbreak of WWII
1 Weakness of League of Nations
1.1 Failure of Disarmament
1.1.1 Meant that powerful countries still had the military capacity for war
1.1.2 Reasons: Major powers not cooperative Unwillingness to disarm Distrust among countries USA(not member) - commanded more respect than League Britain & France - refuse to compromise General atmosphere of distrust & tensions - WWII
1.1.3 Examples: Washington Naval Conference,1921 (success) World Disarmament Conference, 1932-1934 (failure)
1.2 Abyssinian Crisis
1.2.1 Common borders with British colonies, closer to Europe - more reason for LON to intervene when Italy invaded Abyssinia
1.2.2 However, Britain & France did not want to make Italy enemy - resulted LON's failure to stop Italy & signalled its demise IMPACTS: Mussolini & Hitler even bolder in their ambitions
2 Hitler's Expansionist Policy
2.1 Withdrawal from the LON & Geneva Disarmament Conference
2.1.1 Allows Hitler to pursue his aggressive foreign policy without objections from the LON & allowed Germany's rearmament
2.2 Conscription & Rearmament
2.2.1 Massive rearmament programme - 550000 army
2.2.2 Allies still have a stronger military than Germany - could keep Germany in check - However, pacifist mood & weakness of LON led Hitler free to transform Germany
2.2.3 Remilitarisation of the Rhineland France & Britain did nothing - distracted by Abyssinian Crisis - Hitler had no resistance - standing increased tremendously - bolder
2.3 German Involvement in Spanish Civil War
2.3.1 LON's lack of intervention strengthen Hitler's view that Britain & France were weak - more aggressive
2.4 German Unification with Austria
2.4.1 Many Austrians & Germans wanted union due to TOV - Hitler pressurised the Austrian Chancellor to agree - Austria annexed - Germany achieved union without conflict (Britain & France did nothing) - Austria's resources at Hitler's disposal
2.5 Czechoslovakia
2.5.1 Munich Agreement Britain.France,Hitler,Mussolini signed the Munich Agreement that Germany would gain control of Sudetenland - No fight - Hitler more ambitious
2.5.2 Invasion of Czechslovakia Czechs & Allies didn't fight back - Hitler could not be trusted
2.6 Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
2.6.1 Germany & Soviet Union wouldn't attack each other so that Hitler could take over Poland
2.7 Invasion of Poland
2.7.1 Hitler demanded for Danzig & Polish Corridor - negotiatons broke down -Hitler invaded Poland - Britain & France declared war
3 Policy of Appeasement
3.1 Reasons
3.1.1 Fear of another Major War -Britain & France not military prepared + disliked war
3.1.2 Weakness of LON - ineffective in solving disputes - resulted British to adopt appeasement to satisfy Hitler
3.1.3 Buying Time to Rearm
3.1.4 Genuine Sympathy for Germany over TOV - too harsh - giving in to Hitler would help prevent another war
3.1.5 Chamberlain's misjudgement of Hitler - thought Hitler was trustworthy - thought he would cease demands after controlling Sudetenland
3.1.6 Fear of Communism - saw Hitler as a potential ally against communism
3.2 Examples
3.2.1 Anglo-German Naval Agreement British allowed Germany to have navy - reduce German's anger & stabilise Europe - anger French & confused British - further encouraged Hitler to be more aggressive
3.2.2 Lack of Action against Hitler's Acts of Aggression
3.2.3 Munich Agreement Hitler more aggressive

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