Causes of WWII

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Causes of WWII

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Causes of WWII
  1. Expansion
    1. Colonies
      1. Pacific War
      2. Aggressive foreign policy
        1. Failure of collective security
        2. Aggressive Nationalism
          1. Italy
            1. The Spanish Civil War led to a closer relationship between the German and Italian dictators
            2. Germany
              1. Japan
              2. Rise of Fascism/Militarism
                1. Japan
                  1. Militarism refers to the accepting belief in which military (army or navy) should get full power of the country.
                    1. Hideki Tojo – General that controlled all aspects of Japans society
                    2. Italy
                      1. Mussolini seized power, taking advantage of high unemployment, inflation and a middle-class fear of Communism
                      2. Germany
                        1. Calling himself “Der Fuhrer” (the leader) he promised to return Germany to its old glory
                        2. Failure of appeasement
                        3. Economic Instability
                          1. The Great Depression 1929
                            1. Dawes Plan
                              1. Turns into political crisis
                              2. War Debts
                                1. Umemployment
                                  1. People moved to more rightist idelolgies
                                  2. Ideology
                                    1. Germany
                                      1. Idea of living space
                                        1. Hitler believed that for Germany to thrive it needed more land at the expense of her neighbors
                                    2. Failure of League of Nations
                                      1. Failure of collective security
                                        1. Manchurian Crisis
                                          1. Reveals league's weakness
                                          2. Abyssinian Crisis
                                            1. Remilitarisation of the Rhineland
                                            2. Appeasement - meeting a dictator’s demands in order to avoid another major war.
                                              1. Munich Conference
                                                1. Munch Agreement Sept. 1938
                                                  1. turned over the Sudetenland to Germany
                                              2. The Non-agression Pact
                                                1. Signed August 1939
                                                  1. Agreement between Hitler and Stalin
                                                    1. Nonaggression Pact- stated that if either country became involved in war, the other would remain neutral.
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