The Treaty of Versailles

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The Factors and problems caused by 'The Treaty of Versailles'

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The Treaty of Versailles
1 Territory
1.1 Land was taken from Germany
1.1.1 Parts were given back to France Alsace Lorraine The Saar: coal fields
1.1.2 The Rhineland was demilitarised
1.2 Polish corridor
1.2.1 Given back
2 Military
2.1 Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria
2.2 Germany's army reduced to 100,000 men
2.2.1 Not allowed tanks
2.2.2 Not allowed an airforce Only 6 naval ships No submarines
2.3 No conscription to join the army
3 Financial
3.1 The Germans were told that they had to write a blank cheque
3.1.1 Had to pay £6.600 million They couldn't pay More taxes Poverty
4 War guilt
4.1 Germany was blamed for WWI
4.1.1 No choice
4.2 France wanted to weaken Germany
4.2.1 America sat on the fence Britain hated the Germans
5.1 World War One ends: 1918
5.2 Treaty of Versailles: 1919
6 League of Nations
6.1 Germany not allowed to join
6.1.1 Supposedly, an alliance
7 Problems this caused
7.1 Germany payed reparations
7.2 January 1923: French and Belgian troops entered the Ruhr
7.2.1 They took what was theirs as Germany couldn't pay reparations
7.2.2 Government asked people to go on strike "Refuse to cooperate and stop working" Prices went up Government prints money to be able to pay workers on strike Money looses its value Middle class affected the most People lost business and savings High unemployment Gains for people in debt HYPERINFLATION RAPID ACCELERATION INFLATION (increased price in everyday items) The German government was considered weak
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