Input and output devices

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Input and output devices
1 Keyboard-Enters text
2 Touch screen devices-A keyboard on a compter screen
3 Mice-Controlls what you click on the computer
4 Joystick-Sits inside a base unit
5 Scanners-Exsisting hardcopy of a document
6 Digital Cameras- Creates a digital image of what the camera sees
7 Microphones-Captures sound converts into electrical signal of digital micrphone
8 Voice recognition-Converts spoken commands into text
9 Computer monitor-Visual display of information created by the computer
10 Data Projector-takes a video signal and projects it onto a surface
11 Inkjet printer-Create black and white printer images
12 Laser printer-Images are printed quickly
13 Thermal printer-Heated so the paper turns black
14 Speakers-Display sound such as music files
15 Hard disk-Data can be held and moved by this
16 Magnectic tape-Works similar to a hard disk
16.1 D- Takes long timeto locate a specific imtem of data
17 memory cards-same as memory sticks hold information
17.1 B- Small Large memory capacity
17.2 D-Only able to have data written to them
18 DVDs-Store high quality movies
18.1 D-May not work on another computer
19 Remote storage-Storing back-up copies of data
19.1 D-Could get lost stolen
19.2 B-Very usful to transfere information
20 Dot-matrix-OLDSCHOOL
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