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1 How can you help to protect our environment?
1.1 Conserve energy
1.1.1 Use environment friendly electronics and appliances
1.1.2 use natural light when possible
1.1.3 maintain aircon temperature at 25degC
1.1.4 Turn of tap when shampooing
1.2 Reduce Waste
1.2.1 Do not waste food & water
1.3 Practice Recycling
1.3.1 Recycle used bottles
2 Why is it important to protect our environment
2.1 So that we can build a better future for future generations to come
2.2 It can slow down global warming
3 Share what have you done in protecting our environment
3.1 Used fans instead of Air Conditioners
3.2 Share conservation messages with others
3.3 Recycle items
3.3.1 Drink Cans
3.3.2 Newspapers
3.4 Reuse used papers
3.4.1 Rough papers
3.5 I was nominated as the green ambassador and helped to recycle items
4 What are the professional occupation that help to protect our environment?
4.1 Salvation army
4.1.1 Collect use items and reuse
4.2 Cleaners
4.2.1 Clean litters on the ground
4.3 Recycling Industry
4.3.1 Turn used materials into new ones

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