Why and how would you go about building anticipatory customer service(CS)?


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Why and how would you go about building anticipatory customer service(CS)?
  1. Anticipatory Customer Service
    1. Proactive service
      1. Not waiting until customer's request service
        1. Anticipate potential problem areas
          1. Develop solutions
        2. Why build it
          1. Customer service excellency
            1. Customers feel cared for
            2. Reduce costs of dealing with customers
              1. Attack problem before it arises
              2. Reduce chance of complaints online
                1. Troublesome areas avoided
                  1. Exceed expectations
                    1. Competitive advantage
                      1. Sets a standard
                      2. Technology
                        1. Big data available to achieve it
                          1. Allows you to get to the customer first
                          2. Customers can relax
                            1. Knowing you'll let them know if their plane's delayed
                            2. Do the work for them
                              1. Offer to send reminders about services
                                1. Doctor check up
                                  1. Medication needs to be refilled
                                    1. Txt reminder to leave early to arrive at an event due to traffic
                                2. How do you build it
                                  1. Build customer scenarios
                                    1. Data
                                      1. Call centre reports
                                        1. Email logs
                                          1. Chat transcripts
                                            1. Website software that reports unusual activity & patterns in everyday queiries
                                            2. Identify common problem areas
                                              1. Train employees as per problem
                                                1. Ensure great employees are hired
                                              2. Fulfil customer requests prior to being asked and ensure service is ready throughout the value chain
                                                1. Customer accounts preventing repetitive form entry
                                                  1. Retaining credit card details
                                                  2. Automatically locating their location
                                                  3. Seamless escalation
                                                    1. Guide consumers to the service they need without moving through frustrating layers of information
                                                    2. Document policies and results
                                                      1. Enter text here
                                                      2. Rules-based automation
                                                        1. Software updates automatically sent out
                                                        2. Push technology
                                                          1. Reminders
                                                            1. Notifications
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