Defining Customer Service

Antonia Blankenberg
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Best Practice in Customer Service Mind Map on Defining Customer Service, created by Antonia Blankenberg on 07/25/2017.

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Antonia Blankenberg
Created by Antonia Blankenberg over 1 year ago
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Defining Customer Service
1 Standards
1.1 The level of standard required by staff in delivering a service
1.2 Individual and team responsibilities
1.3 Service times
1.4 Quality assurance
2 Policies
2.1 Returns and exchanges
2.2 Product availability/ordering
2.3 Dealing with complaints
3 Procedures
3.1 Greeting customers
3.2 Customer returns and exchanges
3.3 Dealing with aggressive customers
3.4 Dealing with customer complaints
3.5 Product availability/ordering

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