First Year Experience - HE Student Attrition

Nichola Swinton
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Student attrition is an issue that is prevalent amongst first year university students. This mind map covers various factors associated with first-year student attrition, including the reasons why first year students may withdraw from their courses, positive influences that may provide motivation and strategies that universities could implement to prevent student attrition. I made this mind map to help me study for a written exam on this subject.

Nichola Swinton
Created by Nichola Swinton over 5 years ago
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First Year Experience - HE Student Attrition
1 Attrition rates are important
1.1 Financial losses
1.1.1 government
1.1.2 universities
1.1.3 students
1.2 Lowers national education levels
1.3 Learning institutes judged
2 Reasons for dropping out
2.1 Tinto's 3 factors
2.1.1 Individual attributes
2.1.2 precollege experience
2.1.3 family background
2.2 Not prepared
2.3 Student & course/institution not compatible
2.3.1 incorrect expectations
2.4 Social
2.4.1 lack of social support
2.4.2 friends leaving
2.4.3 trouble connecting with tutors
2.4.4 difficulty making friends
2.5 Finances
2.6 Location
2.6.1 trouble travelling to classes
2.6.2 homesickness
2.7 Trouble managing time
3 Positive influences
3.1 Student's first impressions
3.1.1 can provide extrinsic motivation
3.1.2 major influence on perception of university quality
3.2 Enrollment information
3.2.1 builds student/institution relationship
3.3 Monitoring student attendance
3.3.1 students who miss classes more likely to withdraw
3.4 Teaching
3.4.1 good relationship with instructor
3.4.2 active learning over tradition lectures workshops presentations tutorials
3.4.3 learning that promotes social relations amongst students group work
3.4.4 engaging
3.5 introduction programs/activities
3.5.1 keep informal
3.5.2 provides social opportunities
3.5.3 chance to identify and fix student problems
3.6 Tutors
3.6.1 suited to student
3.6.2 good schedule
3.6.3 frequent appointments
4 First year university students
4.1 Are not all the same
4.1.1 different generations
4.1.2 may have jobs
4.1.3 may have family commitments
4.1.4 different backgrounds
4.2 Need time to adapt
4.2.1 making new friends
4.2.2 university lifestyle
4.2.3 often feel lonely and homesick at first
4.3 Need social support
4.3.1 retain contact with past communities
4.3.2 family
4.3.3 faculty
5 University strategies for student attrition
5.1 Universities form links with schools
5.2 Train staff
5.2.1 provide workshops
5.3 review tutorial system
5.3.1 ensure personal support
5.3.2 develop agenda
5.4 timetables
5.4.1 provide before start of semester
5.4.2 allow free days
5.5 encourage active learning
5.6 encourage student interaction

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