Sexual Ethics

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Sexual Ethics
1 Richard Holloway - 'Human sexuality is like a runaway car' - it can be destructive or creative, but we are never quite in control of it.
2 Greek philosophers saw sex as something weakening to the mind. The Pythagoreans (Influenced Plato) believed humans should refrain from sex. Analogy of the chariot from Plato. Body is like a 'prison' that shouldn't be indulged. The Cynics - no point in controlling pleasure, no shame in sexual act, even going as far as performing it in public. Stoics - sex is linked only to reproduction and continuation of the human race. For the Greeks sexuality is naturally excessive, so problem is how to control it = self discipline.
3 Old Testament - Includes love stories (RUTH AND BOAZ) and accounts of incest (Lot and his daughters) In Song of Songs, sex is celebrated - but with a strong link to love also.
3.1 Song of Songs 4 'Your breasts are like two fawns, like twin fawns of a gazelle that browse among the lilies.'
3.2 Gen 1 and 2 there's an understand God created sex for procreation but its seen as good not wrong.
4 New Testament - Jesus - said little about sex and gave very few rules. He said 'whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her' - could be a suggested that Jesus was trying to protect women from being cast out and away as they were viewed as property at the time. Paul - says very little of sex and relationships and attempted to move towards ideas of the soul - sexual activity should be kept in marriage. 'Wives, be subject to your husbands as you are to the Lord' - sexist views.
5 Augustine - lived among Gnostics who emphasised dulaism. Central to this was a dislike of body and pessimism about sexuality. Sex is a necessary evil for procreation. Adam and Eve made for procreation but don't until after they eat fruit. Blames it on the Fall. Chastity was the ideal, but sex is necessary.
6 Aquinas - based thinking on Natural Law. Primary precepts. Sex can be morally wrong in two ways - when procreation is blocked, and when sex disrespects another party.
7 Kant - A husband who commits adultery cannot want extra marital sex to be universal unless he wants wife and children to do the same. Neither can homosexuality. Categorical imperative doesn't allow people to be treated as a means to an end so sexual acts are wrong as they involve using someone for your own pleasure. Doesn't see sex within marriage as wrong.
8 Utilitarianism - Bentham - 'greatest happiness for greatest number' HARM PRINCIPLE - have to consider any harm involved, i.e. STI's, unwanted pregnancy etc.
9 Virtue Ethics - virtues such as commitment, honesty, loyalty, friendship, pleasure, love etc - if in accordance with these virtues then acceptable.
10 Freud - said each person's approach to sex and relationships is based on their upbringing, and relationship with parents. Sexual personality may be found at the core of the moral personality: how we behave towards sexual partners influences how we interact with people in general. The failure to learn to control sexual pleasures undermines the achievement of a virtuous character.
11 Homosexuality - Literalist view 'Man shall not lay with man, God hates that.' Liberal view - quality of the relationship that matters. Natural Law - does not produce children ~ 'Gay gene' question, Two Greek words trad. translated as homosexual may mean 'loose loving' or 'prostitute' so in revised version of Bible the word homosexual has been removed from Paul's letters. People pick and choose to reinforce prejudices i.e. prohibiting men from shaving, women who are not virgins at marriage shall be stoned etc. Catholic church - being a homosexual is fine but putting into practice is wrong.
12 Contraception - Catholics - against because it prevents God's plan, main purpose of marriage was procreationand bringing up children. Pope Paul VI reinforced this but allowed 'rhythm method' contradiction? In 97' Vatican Council for the Family said contraception was an intrinsic evil as it stops procreation and harms true love between couple and takes God away from his role in the transmission of human life. 2006 Pope Benedict XVI ordered condoms to be allowed to prevent AID's.

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