Change and Continuity -Middle Ages 1350-1750

Greta Westwood
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Mind Map on Change and Continuity -Middle Ages 1350-1750, created by Greta Westwood on 05/21/2013.

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Greta Westwood
Created by Greta Westwood over 6 years ago
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Change and Continuity -Middle Ages 1350-1750
1.1 Local herbs + Praying to local Gods were used
1.1.1 Praying
1.1.2 Some herbal remedies worked
1.2 Use of honey
1.3 Trial and error
1.4 Four Humours
1.4.1 The rich especially believed in this
1.5 Use of charms
1.5.1 (Rubbing snail juice)
1.6 Leeches
1.7 Astrology
1.8 Simple operation
1.9 The church controlled medical training and education
1.10 The church discouraged dissection
1.11 The works of Galen were used as the basis of medical training
1.12 Few people could afford to go to a trained physician
1.13 Many people were reluctant to change the way they did things
1.14 Many people believed that their lives were affected by supernatural events
2.1 The Public Health facilities in town fell into ruins
2.2 Prayer was the MAIN medicine used in hospitals
2.3 Increased the use of honey
2.4 The God that was being prayed to CHANGED
2.5 Significant changes in knowledge of Anatomy/ Physiology
2.5.1 Vesalius & Harvey
2.6 The authority of the Catholic church decreased
2.7 New plants were discovered when new lands were explored
2.8 Universities and Medical schools
2.8.1 Founded in 12th century
2.9 The mechanical pump was invented
2.10 The microscope was invented
2.10.1 (stronger lenses) Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

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