Gene Expression


NCEA Level 2 Biology Mind Map on Gene Expression, created by Deanna Louis on 09/04/2017.
Deanna Louis
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Deanna Louis
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Gene Expression
  1. Protein Synthesis
    1. Transcription
      1. Translation
      2. Protein Structure
        1. Stages of Folding
          1. Primary
            1. Secondary
              1. Tertiary
                1. Quaternary
                2. Types of Proteins
                  1. Globular
                    1. Enzymatic
                      1. Catalysis
                        1. Metabolic Pathways
                        2. Regulatory
                        3. Fibrous
                          1. Structural
                      2. Mutations
                        1. Point Mutations
                          1. Substitution
                            1. Deletion
                              1. Insertion
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