Who was responsible for treating the sick in the Middle Ages?


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Who was responsible for treating the sick in the Middle Ages?
  1. The Trained Physician
    1. Had training at medical school and passed exams
      1. Will diagnose you using your urine+astrological info
        1. Administers treatment based on Galen
          1. Likely to be bloodletting/purging/herbal medicine
          2. Can be expensive
            1. But has medical knowledge and believes his treatment to be superior to that of apothecaries/barber surgeons
            2. Will be male - woman physicians were incredibly rare
            3. The apothecary
              1. Is trained but has no medical qualifications
                1. Mixes various ingredients to produce medicines/ointments for physician
                  1. May make you up their own mixture for a price
                    1. Is cheaper than having to consult with physician and then pay apothecary for same medicine anyway
                      1. Is probably male
                      2. Barber-Surgeon
                        1. Practices lots of blood-letting, can pull out rotten teeth + lance boils
                          1. Can have a go at basic surgery
                            1. e.g. cutting out bladder stones / amputating limbs
                            2. Uses no anaesthetics
                              1. Very low success rate for surgery
                              2. Not trained
                                1. Not respected by trained physicians
                                2. Can cut your hair
                                3. Hospital
                                  1. Usually part of monastery/convent
                                    1. Christian values- caring for others
                                    2. Sick people usually cared for at home
                                      1. Hospitals looked after the old or those with specific illnesses such as leprosy
                                        1. After Reformation in 16th century
                                          1. Free hospitals set up in towns
                                            1. Funded by charity
                                        2. Housewife-physician
                                          1. Knew traditional remedies for things
                                            1. Such as sore throats/stomach aches/temperature
                                            2. Would be able to deal with broken bones + Childbirth
                                              1. May have had a reputation as a local 'wise woman'
                                                1. Used remedies based on ...
                                                  1. herbs
                                                    1. Other plants
                                                      1. Charms/spells
                                                      2. Could be lady of the manor
                                                        1. would treat her families/servants living on manor land
                                                      3. Prayer/Pilgrimage
                                                        1. Many people would go on pilgrimage to a holy shrine
                                                          1. In hope that they could be cured of an illness
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