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Western Australian Certificate of Education English ATAR (The Longest Memory by Fred D'Aguir) Mind Map on Characters, created by Selina Koo on 09/06/2017.

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1 Whitechapel
1.1 Owned by Mr. Whitechapel
1.2 Turned Chapel in
1.2.1 Blames himself for the death of Chapel
1.3 Takes Chapel in as if he was his son
2 Chapel
2.1 Son of Cook and Sanders Senior
2.2 In love with Lydia
2.2.1 Forbidden to see each other by Mr. Whitechapel
2.3 Ran away
3 Mr. Whitechapel
4 Sanders Senior
5 Cook
5.1 Raped by Sanders Senior
6 Sanders Junior
6.1 Considered Whitechapel as better father
6.2 Killed his half brother (Chapel)
7 Lydia
7.1 Supporter of black and white equality
7.1.1 Wanted to run away to the north
7.2 Taught Chapel to read and write
7.2.1 Memorised books for Chapel
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