Macbeth Exam

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Macbeth Exam
1 Banquo
1.1 Friends with Macbeth
1.1.1 Both similar and friends until the prophecy shows the contrasing possible paths and ideas
1.2 contrasts Macbeth's character
1.2.1 selfless
1.2.2 lets fate take it's own course
1.2.3 Level-headed
1.2.4 Loyal
1.2.5 character creeated to contrast - Macbeth - a foil of Macbeth
1.3 Gost of Banquo - Macbeth's Concious
1.4 Lesser than Macbeth, and greater
1.4.1 less powerful but a greater man
1.4.2 still has an emotional concious
1.4.3 Makes the good concious
2 Fate
2.1 development of events
2.2 Everything in play is linked by fate
2.2.1 'All hail macbeth who shall be king here after' - Witches
2.3 Directly linked with Macbeth and witches
2.4 'If chance will have me king, why chance may crown me without my stir' - Macbeth
2.4.1 Macbeth goes against what he says here as he does take action
2.4.2 'May' comunicates the uncertainty of fate
2.4.3 Ironic chance is repeated twice, Chance is personified
2.4.4 Supressing his ambition
2.5 All hail Macbeth who shall be king here after
3 Friendship
3.1 Honesty + Trust
3.1.1 Can only have betrayal with friendship
3.2 Betrayal Breaks the link between Banquo and Macbeth
3.2.1 Banquo innocent
3.2.2 Macbeth Responsible
3.3 The wierd sisters hand in hand
3.4 'My Noble Partner' - Macbeth
3.5 The service and loyalty I owe - Macbeth
3.5.1 King Duncan and Macbeht Duncan promotes his title
3.6 Betrayals
3.6.1 Witches - Macbeth Macduff - Macbeth - Macbeth - Duncan Macbeth - Scotland Macbeth - Macbeth
4 Lady Macbeth
4.1 Begining - stronger than Macbeth
4.1.1 Thus thou must do
4.2 quote when she says hand me daggers
4.2.1 stronger than Macbeth
4.3 Shakespeare's Audience
4.3.1 Finds it un-natural
4.4 'Leave all the rest to me'
4.4.1 reveals her greed for ambitions
4.4.2 despite Macbeth becoming king she wants to do stuff her way
4.5 Masculinity
4.5.1 'Unsex me here'
4.5.2 'My keen knife see not the wound it makes' dont have concious over the deed her knife does Less prone to emotion and feeling
4.5.3 Make thick my blood

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