'I Shall Paint My Nails Red'


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'I Shall Paint My Nails Red'
  1. 'Shall' - assertion
    1. 'Because it will remind me I'm a woman.'
      1. Assertion/commandment/promise
        1. She might have lost touch with her feminine side due to work/kids
        2. 'Because I can admire them in traffic jams.'
          1. Traffic lights - connotation of red
          2. 'Because my lover will be surprised.'
            1. Love - connotation of red
            2. 'Because I will look like a survivor.'
              1. Assertion
                1. Danger, rebellious
                2. 'Because it is reversible.'
                  1. She's not quite brave enough
                    1. She can change her mind
                    2. 'Because it is quicker than dyeing my hair.'
                      1. Dyeing your hair red is seen as feisty and rebellious and rebellious
                        1. She is taking a stand
                      2. First two lines - pride
                        1. Last three lines - practical
                          1. Voice
                            1. Poet
                              1. To herself - asserting herself
                            2. Structure
                              1. 10 lines - 10 fingers
                              2. Themes
                                1. Taking a stand on stereotypes
                                2. Messages
                                  1. Women can be strong
                                  2. Language
                                    1. Connotations of red
                                      1. Traffic lights, love
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