New Islington Millennium Village in Manchester

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New Islington Millennium Village in Manchester
1 Problems with the 'Cardroom' estate
1.1 Only half of the 204 homes were occupied.
1.2 Infamous for high crime rates and social deprivation
1.3 Ugly, old buildings.
2 Aims
2.1 Received funding for regeneration project in 2002 with Urban Splash (developers) have been working with the government on this project.
2.2 Aims:
2.2.1 Happy community
2.2.2 Wide range of high quality housing
2.2.3 Convenient facilities (eg: transport & shops)
2.2.4 Employment opportunities
2.2.5 Safe & clean environment
2.2.6 'Make it a good and beautiful place to live'
3 Environmental improvements
3.1 3000metres of canalside
3.2 300 trees planted
3.3 2 garden islands
3.4 Orchard planted
3.5 A beach was created
3.6 Private gardens and patios
3.7 Boreholes providing up to 25 litres per second of naturally filtered water.
3.8 Recycling areas
4 Improvements in the community
4.1 Local primary school
4.2 Play areas & parks put in place
4.3 Football pitch created
4.4 Healthcentre
4.5 A creche
4.6 Village hall
4.7 On the street & underground parking (total of 1400 spaces)
4.8 New shops, restaurants, cafes and
4.9 50 mooring spaces available on the canal
4.10 Metrolink stop very close and lots of new bus stops and bus routes available.
5 Housing improvements
5.1 66 houses built
5.2 500 2-3 storey apartments
5.3 34 urban barns
5.4 Central heating provided in the housing
5.5 About 2500 new residents to move into the area.
5.6 Old residents are guaranteed a new house
6 Criticisms of the New Islington Millennium Village
6.1 The ultra modern building designs are not to everyone's taste
6.2 The emphasis on security may lessen the community spirit.
6.3 As the project is still going on it is hard to evaluate the success of it and what it's criticisms are.
6.4 When the new residents move in it will put the area to test. Also the addition will be testing to manage.