How to Vibrato and shift on the Violin

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Created by cmar262267 over 5 years ago
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How to Vibrato and shift on the Violin
1 1. How do you vilbrato?
1.1 You start by moving your finger slowly and practice 20 minutes a day.
1.2 For example. Lindsay Sterling when shes playing crystalize.
2 2. How do you shift?
2.1 Try doing it on a scale. A scale is like you go up on a D major and then it goes opposite.
2.2 A D major scale octive is going above the scale. You have to move your fingers up to get that higher note.
3 3. How do go from 1st position to the 6th position?
3.1 It's really easy to do but if your a beginner, it's gonna be hard to do. I'm in intermediate violin player. I'm almost to advanced so that is the highest level for a violin, viola, cello, and Bass.
3.2 I've been playing the violin for 3 years so this would be my 4th year playing. My friend Joy taught me how to vibrato it took me 2-3 weeks max to learn vibrato.
4 4. How to get to advanced?
4.1 You have to start at the beginning level then work your way through intermediate. Last but not least is the advanced level.
4.2 It takes time to get the advanced level.
5 5. How long does its take to be a violinist?
5.1 It starts when your a beginner or you want lessons to get to be a violinist.
5.2 I started playing when I was in 6th grade. Every since I was little, I've always wanted to play the violin and I want ed one.
6 6. Where do you get violin lessons at? Also, how much does it cost?
6.1 You can lessons at Denver Music Lessons.
6.2 For private lessons start around $15-$35 or more per half-hour. Pretty much the same as $40-$100, $20-$45 , $30-$80, and $30-$200.
7 7. What year did crystallize by lindsay Stirling come out?
7.1 Crystallize came out on Feb 23, 2012.
7.2 She had 98,029,737 views and 1,198,081 likes for her song.
8 8. How can I achieve my goal by playing the violin?
8.1 By staying in school and get good grades etc.
8.2 I can work hard and learn better with what I'm doing. Or I can go and get violin lessons.
9 9. How can I learn fast vibrato?
9.1 By practicing vibrato 20 minutes a day.
10 10. What 's my future plans?
10.1 My future plans are that I want to be in a Symphony Orchestra when I grow up.

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