Forever 21

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Forever 21
1 Marketing Mix - 4Ps
1.1 Price
1.1.1 -Affordable -Cheap -Target higher purchasing power
1.2 Place
1.2.1 -South Africa -Cape Town Hprop’s Canal Walk Mall
1.3 Promotion
1.3.1 -Internet Blog Social Medias Twitter Facebook -Newspaper
1.4 Product
1.4.1 -Simple Fashion -Smart casual -Always the latest
2 PEST Analysis
2.1 Political-Legal
2.1.1 Stable No worries for Theft No worries for extra costs such as taxes
2.2 Economical
2.2.1 Stable High Domestic Demands Strong monetary policies Well capitalized banking system
2.3 Technology
2.3.1 Not as developed Little influence on company
2.4 Social
2.4.1 11 languages Mainly English
2.4.2 Divertive nation Urbanized Westernizaed
3 Introduction
3.1 International Company
3.2 Fashion Retail
3.3 500 Outlets Worldwide
4 Conclusion & Reccomendation
4.1 Well analyzed
4.2 Possible Problems
4.2.1 Lack of skilled workers
4.2.2 Lack of traffic flow
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