Gothic Story


A mind map of the gothic devices used for Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Hora Behnejad
Mind Map by Hora Behnejad, updated more than 1 year ago
Hora Behnejad
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Gothic Story
  1. Gloom (night-darkness)
    1. "mere darkness"
      1. "nocturnal city"
      2. Exaggerations
        1. "toiling mind, toiling in mere darkness"
          1. "I never saw a man I so disliked"
          2. Mystery
            1. "scandal"
              1. "curiosity"
              2. Religious iconology
                1. "hellish
                  1. "a fiend"
                    1. "Satan's signature"
                    2. Abandoned/isolated places
                      1. "dingy neighbourhood"
                        1. "sinister block
                          1. "negligence"
                          2. Unpredictable/isolated characters
                            1. “murderous mixture"
                              1. "stumping along
                                1. unknown disgust
                                2. Supernatural
                                  1. "superstitious prevision of success"
                                    1. "the ghost of some old sin"
                                    2. Gore
                                      1. "gross darkness"
                                        1. "the bones were audibly shattered"
                                        2. Anthropomorphism
                                          1. "ape-like fury"
                                            1. "hissing intake of breath"
                                            2. Deformity (physical, mental)
                                              1. "It wasn't like a man"
                                                1. "haunting sense of deformity"
                                                  1. "strong feeling of deformity"
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