Buddhism- Eightfold Path

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Buddhism- Eightfold Path
1 Eightfold Path
1.1 Right View
1.1.1 It is at the start and end of the Eightfold Path
1.1.2 You see things through to grasp the imperfect nature: Attained, Substained & enfanced throughout the mind
1.1.3 Begins with the insight that life is all beings suffer
1.2 Right Intentions
1.2.1 The driving force behind the Eightfold Path
1.2.2 As long as you go on in with the right mind then if something goes wrong along the way then you will not be judged
1.2.3 The motivation is the sake of a persons own freedom
1.3 Right Speech
1.3.1 To not lie or be mean
1.3.2 Try not to offend someone purposefully
1.3.3 Do not gossip without a point
1.3.4 Do not curse or be hurtful but always tell the truth
1.4 Right Livelihood
1.4.1 Live well& do not give into temptation
1.4.2 Have a morally correct job
1.4.3 Careful of what they say, eat, do ect
1.5 Right Effort
1.5.1 Prevent the bad
1.5.2 Release the bad from yourself
1.5.3 Keep the good in yourself
1.5.4 Train the mind
1.5.5 Make a concious effort to overcome anything negative
1.6 Right Concerntration
1.6.1 Meditation is used to calm the mind
1.6.2 Using meditation helps you to reach the highest level of Enlightenment
1.6.3 through mediation the mind is able to develop loving kindness&see into the truths of life
1.7 Right Mindfulness
1.7.1 To control your mental ability to see things as they are
1.7.2 Lets you beware&control your thoughts
1.7.3 The 4 different states Of feelings Of mind Of the body Of mental objects
1.8 Right Action
1.8.1 Follow the 5 precepts Not to destroy life Not to abuse drugs and alcohol Not to lie Not to misuse sex Not to steal

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