Biology B2.1 &2.2

Rebecca Denniss
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GCSE Biology B2 topic (b2.1 and 2.2) Information used from CPG biology revision book

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Rebecca Denniss
Created by Rebecca Denniss over 5 years ago
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Biology B2.1 &2.2
1 Cells and their contents
1.1 Animal cell
1.1.1 Nucleus contains genetic material that controls the activities of the cell
1.1.2 Cytoplasm gel-like substance where most of the chemical reactions happen. it contains enzymes that control chemical reactions
1.1.3 Cell Membrane holds the cell together and conmtrols what goes in and out
1.1.4 Mitochondria most of respiration reactions take place here. Respiration releases energy that the cells need to work.
1.1.5 Ribosomes where proteins are made in the cell
1.2 Plant cell
1.2.1 has usually everything an animal cell has but there are a few extra bits Rigid Cell Wall made of cellulose. it supports the cell and strengthens it Permanent vacoule contains cell sap, a weak solution of sugar and salts Chloroplasts where photosynthesis occurs, which makes food for the plant. they contain a green substance called Chlorophyll
1.3 Yeast
1.3.1 Single-Celled organism
1.3.2 microorganism.
1.3.3 It contains... Cell Membrane Cytoplasm nucleus containing genetic material Cell Wall
1.4 Bacteria Cell
1.4.1 Single-Celled organism
1.4.2 Naked DNA No nucleus Because of this genetic material floats in the cytoplasm
1.4.3 They contain... Cell Membrane Cytoplasm Genetic material Cell wall

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