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In Unit 5 of Cambridge Nationals, LO1 requires a spider diagram that is going to include everything that you are going to have in your website/presentation. This is my real one but you can use this as an example to help yourself.

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Out and Up Website
1 Master Slide
1.1 Images
1.1.1 Out and Up Logo Hyperlink: Will be a hyperlink back to the home page This is the main logo for Out and Up and so is required to show recognition and knowing of the website
1.1.2 Website Graphics There will be two website graphics to add aesthetics to the website
1.2 Navigation Bar
1.2.1 There will be two navigation bars: One at the top and one at the bottom. This is so that people can easily navigate wherever they are on the website
1.3 HTML Clock
1.3.1 The HTML clock is an aesthetic feature to the website and is also a useful tool to tell the time and date
2 Colour Co-Ordination
2.1 Orange - Interactive Components/Features
2.2 Green - Images
2.3 Blue - Text
2.4 Magenta - Multimedia
3 Main Website
3.1 Page One - Home
3.1.1 Text This text will introduce the Out and Up Website and Out and Up. This will also introduce a few features of the website
3.1.2 Photo Gallery The photo gallery is an attractive preview to introduce the website by using the images that relate to Out and Up
3.2 Page Two - Assault Course
3.2.1 Text This text will introduce the assault course and present the features of the assault course
3.2.2 Images The first picture is of a race undertaken by business men. This relates as I wanted to show the completion that can happen between co-workers The second image is of a group of people linking to together as one. This relates as the website and company is suppose to show the connection that can be made between co-workers There is an animation in the website presenting a basic assault course. This is to give an attractive look while still relating to the webpage
3.3 Page Three - Cafe
3.3.1 Text The first text will be a description of the café. This will introduce what is available and advertise it. The second text is a table showing what food is available at the café and the prices
3.3.2 Images There will be two pictures of the café. This is to advertise the café itself. There will be an animation of a sandwich being made. This will make the webpage look advertising and attractive.
3.4 Page Four - About Us
3.4.1 Text This text will introduce the company Out and Up. Giving a description of what they do and who they are.
3.4.2 Video This video which I will create will advertise Out and Up. It will be a short video, about 30seconds long. This is needed because Out and Up wanted a product that contains multimedia.
3.5 Page Five - Contact Us
3.5.1 Text This will describe the ways to contact Out and Up. These will include email, telephone and address.
3.5.2 Images The images in on the page will hyperlink to their corresponding websites e.g Facebook and twitter. This is relevant to the website as it shows ways of contacting Out and Up
3.5.3 The interactive component on the webpage is an embedded Google Maps. This is relevant as the company wanted their website to contain interactive components and it shows the location of Out and Up's
3.6 Page Six - Our Packages
3.6.1 Text The text on this page will describe the different special payment packages for Out and Up facilites
3.6.2 Images The pictures of present boxes on the webpage show the different packages depending on colour. They will hyperlink back to contact us
3.7 Sub page five & Page Seven
3.7.1 These webpages both contain a interactive online form. This interactive component will allow the user to send information back to Out and Up. This is needed as the information that is require for Out and Up can be sent via the online form.
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