Prayer Before Birth

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Prayer Before Birth
1 The poet uses vivid language through the child's fears through words such as hear me and not come near me which also rhyme.
2 Furthermore the poet tries to emphasize the unborn fears through metaphors such as human race may with tall walls wall me, being afraid of being taken control by other people who use wise lies to make believe something that is not true .
3 The tone of fear despair and sadness is stressed constantly throughout the poem with the repetition of I am not yet born as it shows that although the foetus hasn't entered the human world yet, he is already concerned about all the evils that could affect him
4 all the evils that could affect him Alliteration such as grass to grow for me and trees to talk to me and personification like water to dandle me add to the deep meaning of the poem but in this stanza referring to the good aspects of human life.
5 Throughout the poem the poet uses such a form of writing that each stanza starts from being wide and then narrows down towards the end and makes it easier for the reader to carry on as the poet feel s the pressure on him from society
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