How has digital technology opened up the opportunity for more people to make their own promos?


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How has digital technology opened up the opportunity for more people to make their own promos?
  1. YouTube itself has now become the biggest music streaming platform on the planet; and that artists are foregoing radio and breaking new songs on Soundcloud. We’re in an amazing time for music right now. However, swell as streaming videos individuals like myself can upload anything and everything i want on to YouTube for the world to see. YouTube is free and allows anyone to distribute their products, much like i will do with my own music video at the end of this A2 course. I don't have a record label or even funding, but i can still get just as many hits online as an artist the size of Justin Bieber through the powers of YouTubes distribution network.
    1. In terms of the pricing elecnt of making a promo A good number of the hit songs that you listen to are being made on laptops and mobile studio setups. It’s significantly cheaper to produce and record music these days. The days of the big monster commercial studios are numbered. It’s bad news for the studios, but good news for artists who want to the freedom to record when they want to. Self recording also helps artists have less to recoup from their labels. Music production apps are amazing right now. With an investment of $50, you can have a full suite of drums, synths, and sampling capabilities at your fingertips. Leading the charge in the music production app space are Korg, INTUA, and Native Instruments. Fans are winning because their favorite musicians are able to push out music more frequently. Furthermore, it's extremely easy to use Web 2.0 technology to even edit a bands music video and change it completely just by using an editing application like Adobe Photoshop CS6
      1. In terms of financing the promo itself Crowdfunding has been sneakily becoming a very niche ecosystem lately. For example, PledgeMusic is good for those who need an all-in-one marketing and funding solution. For a more global approach, Italy-based Musicraiser is the first crowdfunding platform that plans to support all major languages and currencies. With all that said, you must be careful and creative. Creative perks like allowing customers to contribute to an album’s liner notes or an invitation for a fan to play the tambourine on stage with the musician are the types of things that deviate from the norm and create buzz. As a result even myself can now fully aford to produce and distribute a promo.
        1. Given the immediate playback capacity and affordability of basic digital cameras, it is possible to create by shooting, rather than use the elaborate pre-planning and scenario writing of traditional cinema. This means that even the most inexperienced individual can buy themselves a cheap camera with a memory card and begin filming any music footage of their choice, furthermore after the footage has been filmed the individual can purchase or even illegally torrent an editing software program which will allow them to add music on the background of their footage (Foley). Even more extraordinary, this entire music video can be on YouTube within an hour, a huge advancement from past times.
          1. Once a work has been produced digitally it does not have to go through additional steps to be available for exhibition online. (no masters, release copies) Allowing anyone to be able to create and distribute a promo video in such speed is another example of the huge advances modern day technology has given to individuals.
            1. Artists can now exhibit their work on the Internet (Facebook, etc.) but many do not consider it to be a desirable exhibition space due to the overwhelming amount of material available there and because artists‘ fees are an issue with online exhibition. Another advantage to digital technology is that individuals can actually send their music video promotions to various record labels instantly over a hyperlink or even email, making industry deals instant and easy.
              1. The formats in which material is created and stored now will likely be superseded by other formats and technologies. To preserve material it will be necessary to preserve equipment and software to play and/or transcribe it. The long-term stability of digital media for preservation has not been established. The cost of digitising analog collections is high for many artists‘ organisations. Anyone can now access any file format from mp3, mp4, or even .avi can be accessed on all types of platforms and programmes making it even easier for creation and distribution.
                1. It is now possible to create pieces collaboratively with participants working at a distance, sometimes internationally. For example, i myself could easily make a music video with a friend in australia without even having to leave my chair let alone my house, underlining the mass change from when there was only one video sample which cost a fortune and had to be delivered taking days or potentially weeks to deliver, juxtaposed with the modern day instant messaging services.
                  1. However there is an advantage to high end (especially HD) gear to make ―professional‖ quality work. While the tools are accessible, expertise in camerawork or editing still remains specialised. However, if an individual such as myself wanted to invest in a camera crew it would be extremely easy to make a hugely aesthetically pleasing piece in full HD, underlining a clear advance in quality and indeed quantity of modern day music equipment.
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