Wuthering Heights Chapters 14-17

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Wuthering Heights Chapters 14-17
1 Linton and Cathy are married
2 Nelly returns to TG
2.1 sends for Mr. Green to change Edgar's will
2.2 sends servants to retrieve Cathy
2.3 Cathy returns
3 Edgar dies
3.1 believes Cathy is happily married to Linton
3.1.1 lies rather than truth
3.2 Mr. Green takes charge of the Grange
3.2.1 Heathcliff uses money and influence for revenge
3.3 Cathy stays at TG until the burial
4 Heathcliff brings Cathy back to WH
4.1 punished Linton for helping Cathy escape
4.2 Cathy says that she and Linton are in love
4.3 Heathcliff has no one to love him
4.3.1 they shall have the revenge of knowing that his cruelty arises from his greater misery manifestation of her mother’s boldness
4.4 opened Catherine's coffin
4.4.1 turn to dust together
4.4.2 mingle in the earth
4.4.3 extreme depth of his obsession
5 Nelly talks to Zillah
5.1 obvious attraction between Cathy and Hareton
5.1.1 Hareton offers her food and a seat by the fire
5.1.2 Cathy allows Hareton to retrieve books that are out of her reach
5.1.3 constant conflict
5.2 Heathcliff refused to allow anyone at Wuthering Heights to be kind or helpful to Cathy
5.3 Cathy is not willing to let Zillah or Hareton be nice to her
5.4 Linton dies
6 Lockwood visits WH
6.1 Hareton gives Cathy Nelly's note when she cries
6.2 Cathy mocks Hareton’s struggles to read
6.2.1 but does not want to hinder his education
6.3 Heathcliff softens
6.3.1 Hareton's resemblance to his Aunt Catherine physical reminder takes an emotional toll
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