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An Inspector Calls act summary
1 Act 1
1.1 The Birling family are celebrating Sheila's engagement to Gerald. It all seems to be going well, but Sheila suspects that Gerald lost intrest in her last summer.
1.1.1 Arthur gives a speech to Eric and Gerald about buiness. He says that every man should look after himself. Inspector Goole arrives and says that a woman called Eva Smith has commited sucide by drinking disifectant. He starts to question the family members, one by one. It turns out that Arthur Birling sacked Eva Smith from his facory for striking in protest against low wages and that Sheila asked for Eva Smith to be sacked from a department store last year. The Inspector explains that Eva Smith then changed her name to Daisy Renton. Gerald appears shocked and Eric leaves.
2 Act 2
2.1 Although he wants to keep it a secret, Gerald eventually describes how he spent last summer with Daisy Renton- she was his mistress.
2.1.1 Gerald is upset. Sheila returns his ring and Gerald leaves. The Inspector gets to Sybil to confess that she persuaded a woman's charity organisation to reject Eva/Daisy's appeal for help. Eva/Daisy was pregnant at the time. Sybil blames the father of Eva/Daisy's child for her death. Sheila guesses that the father of the child is Eric.
3 Act 3
3.1 Eric returns. He knows that the Inspector has led everyone to the conclusion that he's the father of Eva/Daisy's unborn child.
3.1.1 He describes how he met Eva Smith at a bar, and drunkenly forced her to have sex. He got her pregnant and then stole money from his father's office to support her. Eva/Daisy rejected the stolen money and turned to Sybil's Charity for help. Eric says Sybil murdered her own grandchild by refusing to give her charity. The Inspector reminds the Birlings that they were all responsible for each other. He warns that unless everyone learns to look after each other, the lesson will have to be learnt with great suffering.
3.2 Gerald returns, having spoken to a police officer who doesn't recognise the name 'Goole'. Birling calls the police station to confirm there is no Inspector called 'Goole' in the area.
3.2.1 Gerald calls the hospital and finds out that no one has commited sucide. Birling, Sybil and Gerald decide it's all a been a hoax and start to relax. Sheila and Eric argue that they are still guilty of treating someone badly. The phone rings. A young woman has just been found dead after drinking disifectant, and the police are sending an Inspector to question the Birling family.
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