The Work of an Archaeologist

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The Work of an Archaeologist
1 Archaeology
1.1 the study of the past from material remains
1.2 material remains are mainly artefacts and buildings
2 Artefacts
2.1 Objects made by people
2.2 E.g. Spears,coins,pots and rings
3 Prehistory
3.1 The history of people before writing was invented
3.2 In Ireland prehistory is 7000BC to AD 400
4 Finding sites
4.1 Below Ground
4.1.1 Chance Discovery
4.1.2 Stories from History
4.1.3 Aerial Photography Crop Marks
4.1.4 Underwater Excavation
4.2 Above Ground
4.2.1 Part or all of remains seen above ground
5 Excavation
5.1 The Dig
5.1.1 Draw Accurate Plan
5.1.2 Mechanical Diggers for topsoil
5.1.3 Map out grid of squares
5.1.4 Dig the ground carefully with trowels
5.1.5 brushes and sieves
5.2 Keeping records
5.2.1 Enter text here
5.2.2 Enter text here
5.2.3 Enter text here
5.2.4 Enter text here
6 Conservation
6.1 The protections and preservation of ancient objects so that they don't decay
6.2 History and archaeology contribute to tourism in Ireland
7 Dating
7.1 Radiocarbon Dating
7.1.1 When an animal or person dies the carbon-14 decays
7.1.2 Also called carbon-14 dating
7.2 Stratigraphy
7.2.1 Oldest layers at the bottom
7.2.2 Youngest layers at the top
7.3 Coin and Pottery
7.3.1 Dates or heads stamped on them
7.3.2 Other items found with them form the same time
7.4 Tree-Ring Dating
7.4.1 The more rings, the older the tree
7.4.2 Also called dendrochronology
7.4.3 Record of tree-ring growth in Queen's University

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