Order & Disorder

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Order & Disorder
1 Shakespeare's King Lear is a play which shows the consequences of one man's decisions, in this case the transition from order to disorder. King Lear is about political authority as much as it is about family dynamics. L - a father and king - when he gives away his authority to the unworthy and evil G & R, he delivers not only himself and his family but all of Britain into chaos and disorder.
2 A G & R indulge their appetite for power & Edm begins his own ascension, the kingdom descends into civil strife, and we realise that Lear has destroyed not only his own authority but all authority in Britain. The stable, hierarchal order that Lear initially represents falls apart and disorder engulfs the realm.
3 The failure of authority in the face of chaos recurs in Lear’s wanderings on the heath during the storm. - his mental deterioration reflects disorder in Kingdom.
4 First mistake - division of the kingdom as a kingdom is run better under one person. Act 1, Scene 1 - 'In the division of the kingdom, it appears not which of the dues he values most.' - ominous foreboding of disorder to follow.
5 Another indication that order is disrupted is the separation of Lear's family. L banished C and his loyal servant, Kent. This foolish act causes Lear to become vulnerable to his other two daughters as they conspire against him - "His knights grow riotous, and himself upbraids us on every trifle." - G strips L of power. Physical breakdown of law and order leads to the breakdown of the family.
6 Order - disorder - accentuated through nature - storm = complete disorder.
7 Chaos in reverse of the patriarchy - L's daughters have control and power over him. Similarly, Edm takes control and power and manipulates G and his older brother.
7.1 C is referred to by the Gentleman to L - "Thou hast a daughter who redeems nature from the chaos which twain have brought her to " - C is good enough to cancel out the wickedness of G & R and she would be able to restore order.
8 Lear's madness (which he claims to be a result of "filial ingratitude". His decent into madness represents the decent of the kingdom into disorder.

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