For Heidi With Blue Hair - Fleur Adcock

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Mindmap of structure, language, tone and themes of Fleur Adcock's poem

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For Heidi With Blue Hair - Fleur Adcock
1 Themes
1.1 Relationships
1.2 Conflict
1.3 Identity
1.4 Childhood
2 Form and Structure
2.1 Free verse
2.1.1 Lots of enjambment
2.1.2 Reinforces idea of rebellion against convention
2.2 Narrative style
2.2.1 i. Two stanzas of situation
2.2.2 ii. Two stanzas of reaction - mainly dialogue/direct speech
2.2.3 iii. A stanza of background
2.2.4 iv. A stanza of resolution/conclusion
2.3 Poem explores a set of juxtaposing ideas
2.3.1 youth and age
2.3.2 freedom and convention
2.3.3 liberality and restraint
2.3.4 rebellion and conformity
2.3.5 experimentation and safety
2.3.6 flexibility and rigidity
3 Voice and Tone
3.1 Begins with brisk, factual tone which is undercut by bracketed aside in first stanza.
3.1.1 Precise detail given about Heidi's hairstyle which seems appreciative, almost relishing it. the 'clipped sides' the 'crest/ of jet-black spikes on top'
3.2 Sarcastic tone
3.2.1 'as the headmistress put it'
3.2.2 the way the narrator splits 'not' and 'specifically forbidden'
3.2.3 ends stanza with ridiculous justification that Heidi's hair was 'not done in the school colours'
3.2.4 Narrator ridicules school Shown when 'school colours' is repeated in final line of next stanza Heidi and her father are given a voice but not the headmistress (speech is reported) or teachers who 'twittered'
4 Language
4.1 Conversational and ordinary language may reflect ordinary at the heart of Heidi's situation
4.2 'Shimmered'
4.2.1 Powerful metaphoric verb to use in relation to 'mother's death'
4.2.2 Suggests beauty and ethereal (spiritual/comforting/protecting) presence, as if mother supports daughter like 'freedom-loving father'
4.3 'Twittered'
4.3.1 Less attractive verb - teachers sound homogenous, silly and repetitive
4.4 'Tears in the kitchen, telephone calls'
4.4.1 Double and parallel alliteration makes phrase fast-paced
4.4.2 Followed by alliteration of 'freedom-loving father'
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