Dimention Drama

Reece Spittle
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Reece Spittle
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Books Mind Map on Dimention Drama, created by Reece Spittle on 05/26/2013.

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Dimention Drama
1 Characters
1.1 Travelers
1.1.1 Robert Ross (Reece Spittle)
1.1.2 Clara White
1.1.3 Thomas Wood (Matt and Ben C)
1.1.4 Becky G, loren H, Ruby W
1.1.5 Liv M
1.1.6 Ben L, Olly B, Mikey Z
1.1.7 Ben B
1.2 1st Dimention
1.3 2nd dimention
1.4 3rd Dimention
1.4.1 Scientist Parents Child
1.5 4th Dimention
1.6 All Dimentions
1.6.1 Professor AKA Ryan Howling
1.6.2 Officer Miller
2 Plot
2.1 Robert goes homeless after dad left and mom died
2.1.1 Meets Ryan Howling in a pub and then goes to his collage go on felid trip gang attacks go to dimention 2
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