vegetable oils

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This a mind map about vegetable oils in chemistry 1 Gcse . sorry about my grammar and spellings , I hope it is helpful .

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vegetable oils


  • Vegetable oil
1 emilsions
1.1 Vegetable oil do not dissolve in water , if the oil and water are shaken together a tiny droplets of one liquid spread through the other liquid forming a mixture called an emulsion.
1.1.1 Emulsions are more thicker or more viscous than the oil or water they contain. which make them useful in foods such as salad dressing and ice cream . there are two type of emulsion. oil droplets in water and water droplets in a liquid.
2 saturated fat
2.1 unsaturated fat
2.1.1 unsaturated fats have double bonds between their carbon atoms and they tend to be liquid at room temperature. this make the oil useful for frying.
3 Vegetable oils are natural oils find in nuts, seed and some fruit.
4 the oil get extracted by pressing and squishing the oils out.
5 some oils are difficult to be extracted by pressing and squishing, they get dissolve in a solvent. when the oil dissolved the solvent removed and water will remove too to leave the pure vegetable oil.
6 vegetable oils in cooking.
6.1 vegetable oils have higher boiling point than water. this mean that food cook at higher temperature in vegetable oils than in water.
6.1.1 Also food cooked in vegetable oil cook faster and have different smell and flavors from cooked in water . some vegetable oils contain fatty acids, and they have only single bounds between their carbon atoms. this type of oils are saturated , they tend to be solid at room temperature.
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