Tiny House Movement...


Tiny houses are this world's best solution in living, money, and lifestyle.
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Tiny House Movement...
  1. Efficient
    1. Tiny houses are very energy efficient and are quick to heat up
      1. Tiny houses are very efficient to use when you are going to live with your parents or going to university.
      2. Storage
        1. In a tiny house, there is not a lot of storage so the tiny house can only hold essentials not luxuries
          1. Even though the storage level is very low, also means that tiny houses are on low maintenance.
        2. Costs
          1. A Tiny House to build in NZ is $25,000 average and the monthly power and water bills in NZ are approximately $20 each
            1. Solscape Houses are also a sort of tiny houses that live in Raglan, NZ and the cost to build them added up to nearly $10,000
            2. A casual house to buy in NZ is around $400,000 average and the monthly power and water bills in NZ are about $300-$450 each in average
            3. Geography
              1. All around the world, people are choosing to live in tiny houses because of the cost, efficiency, and economy.
                1. All around the world people are getting interested and have started to build Tiny Houses.
                  1. In Barcelona, Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores presented a 300 foot 'House in a Suitcase'.
                    1. In Germany,a British architect and the technical university of Munich discovered the Micro Compact Home, a high end small 76 square foot.
                      1. In England, Abito created intelligent living spaces apartments of 353 square feet.
                        1. In the 1920's, The 1st nation of America citizens lived in traditional tiny houses called the Tipi or Teepee
                          1. In the eastern areas of Africa, in Kenya and Tanzania were the Massai Bomas (villages) where they lived in Manyata (small houses).
                        2. Restrictions and Laws for Tiny Housing
                          1. For tiny housing in NZ, you have to have your tiny house 2 metres away from the fence-line, unless the tiny house has been placed on a trailer or has wheels
                            1. Tiny housing requires a permit to live on someone else's land, property, or camp grounds.
                            2. Communities
                              1. Tiny houses open you to your community because a casual home is a private space where you can deliver things like groceries and mail which in tiny houses you have to go out to the community post office to get mail and to the local supermarket to get your groceries
                              2. Power
                                1. Power in tiny houses do not cost a lot of money because you don't need power for many things
                                2. Transport
                                  1. Tiny houses can get transported if the home is a truck or if it has been built onto a trailer, but tiny houses are not aerodynamic.
                                  2. Facts about them...
                                    1. Did you know, that 55% of Tiny house owners are women!
                                      1. Did you know the 89% of tiny house owners have zero credit card debt!
                                        1. Did you know, it costs over $1 million to have a roof on your head,each year
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