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Health and Clinical Psychology SpecificationHealthy Living Theories of health belief Health belief model Locus of control Self-efficacy Methods of health promotion and supporting evidence Media campaign Legislation Fear arousal Features of adherence to medical regimes and supporting evidence Non-adherence for cognitive reasons Physiological measures of non-adherence Improving adherence with behavioral tactics. Stress Causes of stress and supporting evidence Work Hassles and life events Lack of control Methods of measuring stress and supporting evidence Physiological measures Self-reports Combined Techniques for managing stress Cognitive Behavioral Social Dysfunctional Behavior Diagnosis of dysfunctional behavior Categorizing (DSM and ICD) Definitions (Rosenhan and Seligman) Biases in diagnosis (Ford and Widiger) Explanations of dysfunctional behavior Biological (Gottesman and Shield) Behavioral (Watson and Rayner) Cognitive (Seligman) Treatments of dysfunctional behavior Biological (Hegeman) Behavioral (McGrath) Cognitive (Beck) Disorders Characteristics of disorders Anxiety disorders Psychotic disorders Affective disorders Explanations Behavioral Biological Cognitive Treatments Behavioral Biological Cognitive

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