Frida Kahlo, Humming Bird

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Created by chloe.j over 6 years ago
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Frida Kahlo, Humming Bird
1 kahlo might be out of luck or love related to the bird
1.1 bird looks dead
1.1.1 bird isnt supposed to be nice death is always on her shoulders monkey is trying to remind her of happy times cat symbolises death is following her photo symbolises LIFE&DEATH her mind is free but her body is trapped monkey playing with thorn= danger she contasts and stands out leafs are growth sence of life drew photos which looks stiff centered to the picture cares about her appearance monkey is the child that she never had monkey was a present from her husband Diago light tones and colours nature sign of peice central from horizontal to vertical birds represent love and hope also luck 1950 ilness detritarated, Kahlo&Diago got re-married monkey looks relaxed cat looks intence warm skin tones thorn necklace looks like thorns thorn necklace has blood trickles thorn necklace represents christianity painted t-shirt to make the necklace stand out black cat is bad luck cat looks unhappy and evil blue sky is feeling loyal feeling excitement produced in 1940 memorable as a person wearing white garment ( hospital pj's etc) 1940 Kahlo divorsed "eyes are the window to your soul" bird/eyebrows look simalar shows her soul

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