Young Innovators 2014 - Chill Pill

Cole Dearlove
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Cole Dearlove
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For my school's (MHPS) Young Innovators, I am making a Wine Cooler/Preserver. One of the tasks is to make a mindmap including the following subjects.

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Young Innovators 2014 - Chill Pill
1 Materials and Tools
1.1 Tape and Paper
1.2 2 Plastic bottles and 2 Ice Packs
1.3 Springs and a bottle sealer
1.4 String and a Wine bottle!
2 Target Market
2.1 Adults who like wine
2.2 Wine drinkers
2.3 Places that sell wine
2.4 Places that make wine
3 Benefits
3.1 It can preserve wine or champagne for international and national transport
3.2 Re-Useable and Eco-friendly
3.3 Lightweight and Compact
3.4 Cheaper and Comes in less pieces than if you were to buy a ice bag and a sealer
4 Costs
4.1 $2.80 for the 2 bottles and $10 30 for 3 ice packs.
4.2 $3.40 for the tape and 500 sheets of paper is $7.50
4.3 $2.20 for the string, $7.60 for the springs and $10.00 for the bottle sealer
5 Market Strategy
5.1 Word of Mouth
5.2 Advertise on MMO Games
5.3 Put posters up
5.4 Advertise on social media
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