Organic Compounds

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Organic Compounds
1 Alkenes
1.1 -ene
1.2 C=C
1.3 CnH2n
1.4 Obtained by cracking alkanes
1.5 Unsaturated & reactive
1.5.1 Reacts with aqueous bromine(orange coloured) in which the product will be colourless Addition Reaction
1.5.2 Add on to each other in presence of catalyst to form polymers Polymerisation Reaction
1.6 Hydrocarbons
2 Alcohols
2.1 -ol
2.2 OH
2.3 CnH2n+1OH
2.4 Saturated
2.5 Production of Ethanol
2.5.1 Hydration of Ethene(Chemical Way) Reversible & Exothermic Ethene + Steam --> Ethanol + Energy
2.5.2 Fermentation(Biological Way)
3 Carboxylic Acids
3.1 CnH2n+1COOH
3.2 COOH
3.3 -oic acid
3.4 Production of Ethanoic Acid
3.4.1 Fermentation(Biological Way) Takes a longer time Ethanol left in air to be oxidised
3.4.2 Using Oxidation Agents(Chemical Way) Faster rate of reaction Oxidised by warming with potassium permanganate(VII)
3.5 Esters
3.5.1 Produced when a carboxylic acid reacts with an alcohol
3.5.2 COO-
3.5.3 Attractive smell & taste Used in shampoo, food, etc.
4 Alkanes
4.1 -ane
4.2 C-C
4.3 Saturated & (generally)unreactive
4.4 Reacts with chlorine to produce hydrogen chloride & chloroalkanes
4.4.1 Substitution Reaction
4.4.2 Requires UV light; it is a photochemical reaction
4.5 CnH2n+2
4.6 Burns in air to produce carbon dioxide, water & heat
4.6.1 Combustion Reaction
4.6.2 Requires plenty of oxygen for complete combustion & flame to ignite fuel


  • Incomplete combustion gives out poisonous carbon monoxide instead of carbon dioxde
4.7 Hydrocarbons
5 Isomers
5.1 Compounds with the same formula but different structures
5.2 Branched or straight chain
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