Expressing the verb "to be" in Spanish (in the present: am, is, are) [complete]


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Expressing the verb "to be" in Spanish (in the present: am, is, are) [complete]
  1. Ser = to be Soy Somos Eres Sois Es Son
    1. Personality Characteristics
      1. Physical Characteristics
        1. Identification
          1. Nationality
            1. Religion
              1. Profession
                1. Origin
                  1. Time
                    1. Date
                    2. Estar = to be Estoy Estamos Estás Estáis Está Están
                      1. Location
                        1. Feelings/ Conditions
                          1. Present Progressive with gerund (-ando/-iendo)
                          2. Hay = There is / There are (This is the only form)
                            1. Indicates existence of something
                              1. Expresses quantity
                              2. Special Expressions with the verb: Tener Tengo Tenemos Tienes Tenéis Tiene Tienen
                                1. "To be" a certain age: Tener + # + años
                                  1. "to be" hungry Tener + hambre
                                    1. "to be" thirsty Tener + sed
                                      1. "to be" hot Tener + calor
                                        1. "to be" cold Tener + frío
                                          1. "to be" sleepy Tener + sueño
                                            1. "to be" careful Tener + cuidado
                                              1. "to be" in a hurry Tener + prisa
                                                1. "to be" lucky Tener + suerte
                                                  1. "to be" successful Tener + éxito
                                                    1. "to be" afraid Tener + miedo
                                                      1. "to be" ashamed Tener + vergüenza
                                                        1. "to be" right Tener + razón
                                                          1. "to be" in the mood (to feel like) Tener ganas de + infinitive
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