Project Management & CASE Tools

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Project Management & CASE Tools
1 CASE Tools
1.1 CASE is the use of computer based support in the software development process
1.2 Planning Tools
1.2.1 Gantt Chart
1.2.2 PERT Chart
1.2.3 Critical Path Analysis
1.3 Editing Tools
1.3.1 Text Editing Tools Edit plain text without formatting
1.3.2 Diagram Editing Tools Support drawing conventions of various methodologies
1.4 Prototyping Tools
1.4.1 System Building Tools Bringing all aspects together
2 Project Management Software
2.1 Allows construction of CPA, PERT and Gantt charts
2.1.1 CPA Critical Path Analysis Established all tasks to complete a project Allows overview of tasks and schedules and moves overdue tasks allowing extra resources
2.1.2 PERT Program Evaluation Review Techniques Shows relationship and dependencies between tasks
2.1.3 Gantt Charts Displays simple activities over time Can be made specific and easy to understand
2.2 Allows lines of responsibility to be drawn and teams allocated
2.3 Deadlines set and monitored
2.4 Reports created
2.4.1 Personnel
2.4.2 Deadlines
2.4.3 Financial
2.5 Risk Analysis
3 Types Of Software
3.1 Off The Shelf
3.1.1 General purpose for wide range of uses
3.1.2 Microsoft Office
3.1.3 Available for immediate use
3.1.4 Low costs due to spread development cost
3.1.5 Include features that may not be used
3.1.6 May not meet exact needs
3.2 In-House Development
3.2.1 And individual, group or corporate level within an organisation can develop software
3.2.2 Individual Set up macros and reports specific to your needs
3.2.3 Group Secure user access menu system
3.2.4 Corporate Develop a new system
3.2.5 Lower cost as existing employees do work
3.2.6 May include unwanted features
3.3 Outsourcing
3.3.1 No internal expertise, time, money or resources
3.3.2 Software house provides bespoke software to meet exact needs
3.3.3 Exact requirements
3.3.4 No license fees
3.3.5 High costs
3.3.6 Long Time
4 Software Quality
4.1 Alpha Testing
4.1.1 Testing team who did not develop code
4.2 Beta Testing
4.2.1 Lots of end users testing
4.3 Acceptance Testing
4.3.1 User tests system with no knowledge of code

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