The Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan

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The Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
1 The USA was worried about the spread of Communism, So tried to Contain it in two ways:
1.1 The Marshall Plan
1.1.1 Marshall and Truman asked Congress for $17 billion to fund the European Recovery
1.1.2 This Promised aid to European countries to help rebuild their economies. Western Germany benefited massively, Yet the USA was worried that if Western Europe remained weak they were vulnerable to Communism European leaders met at the Paris Conference of 1948 to discuss the American offer. 16 countries inlcuding Britain and France welcomed aid, yet Stalin insisted that Eastern countires in the Soviet 'sphere of influence' refused help
1.1.3 June 1947 General George Marshall made a visit to Europe to see what was needed. He came away thinking Europe was so poor that the whole of Europe was about to turn Communist.
1.2 The Truman Doctrine
1.2.1 March 1947
1.2.2 What did it Say? The world had a choice between communist tyranny and domestic freedom America had a responsibility to fight for liberty wherever it was threatened America would send troops and economic resources to help governments that were threatened by communists Communism should not be allowed to grow and gain territory
1.2.3 It divided the world according to ideology: It stated that Capitalism and Communism were in opposition. This suggested that there could be no further co-operation between East and West.
1.2.4 It also set out a goal for foreign policy: Truman was committed to containment to stop the spread of communism
2 A Civil War had started in Greece in 1946 between the Pro-Western Government and Communists
2.1 By 1947, Greece was one of the few countries in Eastern Europe that hadn't turned communist. The Communist rebels in Greece were prevented from taking over by the British Army. The British told Truman they could no longer afford to keep their soldiers in Greece, Truman stepped in to take over
3 Truman described the Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine as 'Two halves of the Same Walnut'
3.1 he Marshall plan was the way in which the Truman Doctrine was put into practises. Help for those who wished to resist communism

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