The Fault in our Stars

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The Fault in our Stars
1 Characters
1.1 Hazel
1.1.1 Cancer sufferer
1.1.2 Has lung cancer calls herself a grenade a very positive person she is an inspiration to everyone
1.1.3 attends a support group, and meets augustus
1.1.4 loves to read 'imperial affliction' reads it repetitively
1.2 Augustus
1.2.1 lost a leg, due to cancer incurable cancer had a metaphor to put the killing between your teeth, but dont gove it the power to harm you Hazel's boyfriend
2 Main Idea
2.1 Hazel has cancer
2.1.1 Her mum sends her to support group Where she meets Augustus Augustus is diagnosed with his cancer again He passes away, and hazel is crushed
2.2 Hazel reads a book called An Imperial Affection
2.2.1 has an unfinished ending augustus and hazel fall in love augustus has a pre funeral before he died so that hazel could say her eulogy
2.2.2 Augustus, Hazel and her mum all fly to Amsterdam to meet the author of their favourite book Hazel is faced with the cancer for the rest of her life, and has to live with knowing augustus will never come back
2.2.3 he thoroughly enjoys them
3 Language techniques
3.1 Metaphors; Im a grenade. "one day im going to blow up and obliterate everything in my way"
3.2 Similes; "his gait was crooked like his smile"
3.3 Personification " his every syllable flirted
4 I think that this book is a very emotional. it has alot of sorrow. I would reccomend this book to all teens
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