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1 Studying biodiversity
1.1 Biodiversity is the variety of organisms
1.1.1 Species - a group of similar organisms able to reproduce to give fertile offspring
1.1.2 Habitat - the area inhabited by a species. It includes the physical factors like temp and soil and the living factors like food or predetors
1.2 Can be considered at different levels
1.2.1 Habitat diversity is the number of different habitats in an area
1.2.2 Species diversity is the number and abundance of the number of different species in an area
1.2.3 Genetic diversity is the variation of alleles within a species
1.3 Sampling
1.3.1 Use a quadrat, sweepnet, pitfall trap or a net. The sample has to be random
1.4 Species richness and evenness
1.4.1 Simpsons Index of Diversity Takes into account species richness and evenness. The value is always between 0-1. The higher the number the more diverse it is
1.4.2 Species richness is the number of different species in an area. The higher the number of species the greater the species richness. Species evenness is a measure of the relative abundance of each species in an area. The more similar the population size of each species the greater the species evenness.
2 Global biodiversity
2.1 Current estimates of biodiversity vary
2.1.1 There are named species but different opinion about the classification of them
2.1.2 Unnamed species and some are undiscovered
2.1.3 Different scientists have different researching techniques
2.1.4 Biodiversity varies in part of the world i.e rainforests are largely unexplored
2.2 Climate affects biodiversity, spread of diseases and agricultural patterns
2.2.1 Most species need a certain temperature to live. An area may become uninhabitable.Species may migrate which decrease biodiversity in that area. Species may become extinct
2.2.2 Warmer and wetter condition increases fungal diseases. The ranges of some insects that carry diseases might become greater
2.2.3 Land that was too dry and become wet will increase crops to grow. Increase in temp may cause crop to die and disrupt food chains.
3 Importance of biodiverty
3.1 Economic
3.1.1 Food and drink, clothing, drugs, fuels, industrial materials (rubber, oil, paper....)
3.2 Ecological
3.2.1 Disruption of food chains and nutrient cycles, loss of habitats, affect climate
3.3 Ethical
3.3.1 Organisms have the right to live, moral responsibility to conserve biodiversity, religious and spirtiual reasons for conservation
3.4 Aesthetic
3.4.1 Attractive environment, there will be more visitors
3.5 Agriculture
3.5.1 Many species are a source of food. New varieties, protection against disasters, pest control and pollinators.

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