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1 Basics
1.1 Grouping together organisms
1.1.1 Classification is the act of arranging organisms into groups based on their similarities and differences. Makes it easier for scientists to identify then and to study them Taxonomy is the study of classification
1.1.2 Taxonomic hierarchy Domain, Kingdoms, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
1.2 Five kingdoms
1.2.1 Prokaryotae Prokaryotic, unicellular, no nucleus, less than 5um
1.2.2 Protoctista Eukaryotic cells, live in water, single or simple multicellular
1.2.3 Fungi Eukaryotic, chitin cell walls, saprotropic, multinucleate
1.2.4 Animalia Eukaryotic, multicellular, heterotropic, no cell walls
1.2.5 Plantae Eukaryotic, multicellular, cell walls made of cellulose, photosynthesise, contain chlorophyll and are autotropic
1.3 Phylogeny
1.3.1 Is the study of the evolutionary history of groups of organisms. It tells us who's related to whom and how closely related they are
2 Evolution of classification
2.1 Range of evidence
2.1.1 Molecular evidence - similarities in proteins and DNA.
2.1.2 Embryological evidence - similarities in early stages of development
2.1.3 Anatomical evidence - structure and function of the body
2.1.4 Behavioural evidence - behaviour and social organisation
2.1.5 New technologies can result in new discoveries
2.2 Three domains
2.2.1 Organism with a nucleus are in the domain Eukarya. Organisms without a nucleus (Prokayotic) are in both Archaea and Bacteria
2.2.2 The 3 domains were proposed because of new evidence. The Prokayotae were into two domains as evidence showed large differences between Archaea and Bacteria Molecular evidence - Based on differences in RNA Cell membrane evidence - Differences in bonds of lipids
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