Leaving home

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Created by Charlie_eeyore over 6 years ago
Managing transitions
Home as a place for care
Home hospital: different aspects of the care environment?
General Knowledge Quiz
USA and Vietnam (1964-1975) - Part 1
Lewis Appleton-Jones
Social inclusion and the social model of disability
Person -centred care
Block 4 Key points
Institutional living
The hospital environment
Leaving home
1 Trasition
2 Changes
2.1 Relationships
2.2 role or status
3 Feelings
3.1 Sadness
3.2 acceptance
3.3 resignation
3.4 relief
3.5 Anger
3.6 Grief
3.7 Pain
4 impact on how a person's life works
5 who decides
6 Move to care home needs to be a postive choice
7 Peter Marris - losing your home
7.1 Bereavment
7.2 losing a close relaitve
7.3 recreate social status
7.4 Make a postive effort to identify
7.5 older gentlemen
7.6 residentail care
8 Pam Barette
8.1 Learning disbailities
8.2 Cousin took over
8.3 Cousin put everything in the bin with asking if Pam wanted anything
8.4 losses
8.4.1 Lost mother
8.4.2 role of helper/citizen
8.4.3 home and everything in it
8.4.4 sense of having a say in he life and what happens
8.4.5 Photographs and mementos
8.4.6 local ties an connections
8.5 social effect
8.6 physical effect
8.7 physicological effect
9 young people in care moving between foster homes
10 meaning of home
11 mangaing different transitions
11.1 manti\n connectedness
12 postive and negative feelings about home
13 attachment to a place for memories
14 possessions say something aboutyou
14.1 part of identity
14.2 can help to personalise new space

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